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United Methodist Women Announces 2013-2016 Board of Directors

Yvette Richards, facing camera, gives a hug. A current director from the Missouri Conference, she is the nominee for President of United Methodist Women's board of directors for the 2013-2016 quadrennium.

July 16, 2012 -- As a new quadrennium begins for the 140-year-old United Methodist Women, its outgoing leadership is offering an enthusiastic welcome of new elected leadership for the 2013-2016 Board of Directors.

“United Methodist Women has always been a community of women, but it has also been a community with great leaders,” said Harriett Olson, top executive with United Methodist Women. “Our outgoing board made historic decisions … I am grateful for every member who served and most especially for the way they brought their dreams, concerns and questions … that guided the organization up to and through the General Conference approval of our joint plan with the General Board of Global Ministries.”

New Board Structure, Size

Since General Conference’s action in May 2012, United Methodist Women is organizing as an independent agency of The United Methodist Church with a modified board structure to meet the changing needs of women organized for mission.

The board now consists of 25 members (from 50) and is responsible for managing the organization’s program policies, finances, property and its top executive staff person. Twenty members were elected through jurisdictional channels and five through a nominations process to ensure diversity of age, race, language, physical ability and working status.

In addition to the board, the new leadership structure includes the Program Advisory Group, which provides representation from each of the Annual Conferences and from 6 other general agencies, regional missionaries, deaconesses and home missioners and the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women. This Group gives voice from the membership directly into the working programs and initiatives of the organization and provides new connection across the denomination.

2013-2016 Board of Directors

The persons nominated as leaders for the 2013-2016 United Methodist Women Board of Directors are:

Yvette Richards, President
Tupou S.Kelemeni, Vice President
Becky Thompson, Secretary
Judith Pierre-Okerson, Chair of the Committee on Governance
Nichea Ver Veer Guy, Chair of the Committee on Finance

Those elected as directors at the Jurisdiction meetings are:

Cindy Staufferer, Minnesota
Angie Lauver Sarver, West Ohio
Vickie Newkirk, Indiana
Irma Clark, Northern Illinois
Gail Boykin, New York
Carmen F. S. Vianese, Upper New York
L. Diane Braun, West Virginia
Esther Unica Barkat, West Virginia
Yvette Richards, Missouri
Karon Mann, Arkansas
Becky Thompson, Oklahoma Indian Missionary
Stacie Hawkins, Texas
Tonya Murphy, North Georgia
Lynne Gilbert, Western North Carolina
Kathy Booker, Tennessee
Marie Judith Pierre-Okerson, Florida
Michelline Cooper, South Carolina
Grace Pyen, North Georgia
Jo Ann Hayden, Alaska Missionary
Tupou S. Kelemeni, California-Pacific

The following five additional Board members have also been nominated and have agreed to serve following election at the Organizational Meeting of the Board on August 16, 2012:

Elizabeth Leyva, Rio Grande Conference
Nichea Ver Veer Guy, West Michigan Conference
Ann Davis, North Carolina Conference
Daisy Tavarez, New York Conference
Deborah Williams, Desert-Southwest Conference

“We look forward to the leadership of each of these women,” Ms. Olson said. “God has blessed United Methodist Women with a rich resource of gifts and talents. In the coming quadrennium, the board will guide staff and leaders about how to put our new flexibility to work, how to plan to our objectives and how to keep on listening to the calling of God as we move forward.”

Last Updated: 07/16/2012